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What does fitness mean to you?


My mindset for fitness used to be muscles, abs etc. but, after researching fitness and attending talks on this subject, it’s certainly changed my mindset, which I’m willing to share with you if you’re looking to work hard and be a better you.

Set your goals

When speaking with clients and asking them “what does fitness mean to you?” I genuinely get the same response, which is they are looking to get bigger muscles and abs. When you look at the models in fitness magazines, it’s easy to think “I want to look like that” and give it a go. A lot of the time you find out it’s harder than you thought and give up. 

I can help you set goals that you can achieve on an ongoing basis.

Be realistic

What you don’t realise is, “that amazing looking model”  is being paid to look that way. They probably don’t have a 9-5 job like you do, they give up a lot of their time. They don’t have nights out drinking, they won’t be having takeaway at the weekends and they live a very restricted life to look that way. Plus it helps that they’re likely to be genetically gifted.

I can help you be realistic about what you can achieve in a given timeframe.

Achieve your objectives

So, wouldn’t it be better to aspire to a more realistic goal, look to train as much as possible and move as often as you can in the day? If you can get to place were you are happy with your physique and it does not detract from your confidence and self-esteem, then that’s a much better way to be.

Make a change today and be a better you tomorrow. I can help you achieve your objectives if you can commit to putting in the work from your side.

what They’re Saying




“I have been training with Matt just over a year now and I couldn’t say a bad word about him. When I first started with him I wasn’t very confident in myself and would stick to the same exercises but now I’m a little more confident and have lost well over a stone and my body is a lot more toned. He is very friendly and is always willing to help out whenever he can if it be training ideas, form or diet questions. Matt’s your man. I wouldn’t train with anyone else!!!!!!”


“I was unsure about booking personal training sessions as I figured it would just give the trainer an opportunity to beat me until I dropped. However I could not have been more wrong with Matty at MB Fitness.

Matty asked me what I wanted to achieve and I explained my main goal was to improve body strength so that I didn’t become an old 50 year old – since I started two months ago my overall strength and fitness has improved dramatically and no once have I felt out of comfort zone or wanted to quit during the session.

I have always been a member of the gym but fell into the same old routine, never pushing myself because I didn’t think I was capable, now I perform exercises and lift weights that I never would have attempted on my own. Because of the improved strength I am now back to running and able to increase the resistance in spin classes, so overall cardio has improved and all of it is because the personal training sessions. My body shape is changing and I am making improvements which will stay with me forever, I didn’t ask for a quick fix but wanted long lasting changes and that is what I am getting. Needless to say I booked additional personal training sessions with Matty because they are working and I am looking forward to pushing myself harder over the next four months.”


“After taking the plunge and signing up to an initial 6 week plan with Matty I was feeling nervous and scared I would fail and find it all too hard. Matty was there from the very start to assure me that we will work together to achieve my goals in a healthy and stable way, he was completely professional and supportive from beginning to end. After my first session I couldn’t believe how much I really enjoyed it and felt motivated to continue, we would work on the whole body in a way that was right for my level of fitness and completely achievable. I started to see results pretty quickly, and felt happy and strong. I stayed past my 6 weeks as I absolutely lived for my sessions and how they made me feel. I will always be grateful to Matty for showing me that anything is possible and I am worth investing in… make time for yourself… for your own health and happiness – you won’t regret it!”


“I have always struggled with my weight and had 3/4 month stints of exercise on and off. This is mainly due to not enjoying the gym at all as it’s been cardio based and feeling so conscious.
I explained this to Matty and he really put the work in, he encouraged me and built me up to just get me to walk through the gym door! He took me to the most quiet areas to begin with too build on my confidence and feeling comfortable in the gym environment. This really worked, within no time I was asking about different areas and coming out of my shell.

Matty’s knowledge of exercise and diet had a massive impact on me, I began to change how I was thinking, which is the key.
I have struggled with pain in my knees after training, but with a few minor adjustments from Matty I didn’t have any further issues.
I lost one stone in six weeks and my body was changing shape too. I felt stronger and I found a zest for the gym I never knew I had!
Thank you Matty, thanks to you and all the support you have given me, Iv been constant with the gym for a year now, go all by myself, love what I do, keep seeing results and generally feel more confident within myself.”